Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Flowers

Weddings require a lot of flowers be it for church decorations, at the reception site, for the bridal bouquet, corsages, or boutonnières, which are floral decorations worn by men.
The flowers used in the wedding will reflect your personality and taste. They bring color and a look of festivity and happiness into weddings however they are arranged, whether casual, classic, stylish or contemporary.

Picking the right kind of flowers for your wedding can be a time consuming task. The flowers must surely match your wedding theme. It will depend upon your budget, the scale of the wedding, the season when the wedding is scheduled and of course, your personal taste. Choosing seasonal flowers would help save money unless you particularly want something specific.

The initial step to selecting the best flowers would be to browse through samples of flowers and bouquets so as to get an idea of how they will look once put in place. The Internet offers a large collection of photographs that can help you with this. After choosing a style, you can decide the colors and kind of flowers to use. The flowers you choose must match the color of your wedding gown and the other decorations. The shape, size and texture of the flowers also matter.

The most popular flowers used for weddings are however roses. Lilies, tulips, zinnias, carnations, violets, daisies, orchids, peach and apple blossoms, irises and ivy are also often used. Hyacinth, tuber roses, gardenias and stargazer lilies are flowers with a heavenly fragrance. The colors can range from pure white to lavender, purple, pink, plum and so on and these suit every occasion.  For a romantic look, the wedding scene can be made up using flowers in warm and pastel shades with soft lighting. Lilac, creamy white, gold and pink would be the best tones. You can also set up a mix of flowers, herbs, and fruit blossoms to add bright vibrant colors with a light, pleasing fragrance. You must take care to choose flowers that fit into your budget too.

Flowers are also used to adorn the bride’s hair, as an unconventional veil, wrist adornment, in the groom’s lapel and for the bridesmaids and flower girls. They can be used as garlands, nosegays, table décor and as flowers for the guests. Care must be taken to find a good florist with enough experience to help you with the flowers. He is to be given a clear idea of what you want for the wedding. For traditional weddings, flowers are best arranged in conventional patterns while if you are a person with a modern outlook, an informal blend of design, style and flower aesthetics can be employed. The location, dimension, color of the wedding clothes, the details regarding the bouquets, their styles and number and the manner of conducting the ceremony must be informed beforehand.

Choosing the perfect flowers would surely make a difference in the wedding atmosphere at either the church or the reception site. They can add color and splendor and make your wedding day even more special.


  1. You shouldn't steal content from other writers. I published this piece in 2009 - verbatim. Nice of you to take credit and not link to my original piece. :)

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