Thursday, March 17, 2011

Display Ideas for Inside Your Flower Shop

I have three charming ideas for displays. At times it seems like a hard and a daunting task to come up with new display ideas. I always welcome fun and unique ideas to display floral designs and plants. I anticipate you will enjoy these. I hope these are useful to your store as well.

1) Start with some wire mesh. Cut a piece large enough so that when connected in a circle you will have a 10-11" circle. Place a clear plant tray that is large enough to go over the top of the cage of wire mesh you have just made. You have made your first wire pedestal. Make at least five of these at varying heights to complete one display area. This type of display piece would be perfect for silk flower arrangements, basket gardens, or gift basket of different types. To give a garden look from these pedestals, place herbs in clay pots on the pedestals and accent around the cages with herb and garden books for sale, flower seeds, and garden tools; maybe even potting soil and baskets. Very unique and interesting. Place several of these three to five pedestal displays around your shop. Also these wire cages could be used for a grand summer window display. Accent with plants and country folk art. Stuffed animals would be very cute around these cages, maybe cows, ducks, bunnies, and chickens.

2) I like to use wooden crates for display. My customers even want to buy the crates themselves and I have sold them. These can be made easily from a bundle of lathes and scrap wood in the size of your choice for the top and bottoms. I stand some crates upright and some on their sides. The crates can also be draped with fabric for some color. Dish gardens, silk arrangements, and pottery and baskets fill in the crates nicely. These crates are so versatile; they can be used in display for almost anything.

3) Shower curtains for a window display. No, I am not crazy, yet... Shower curtains come in so many designs and colors. They can be a great backdrop for that special display. They are fairly inexpensive and can be used, put away and brought out again to be used in a different way. Think about what you want to highlight in your floral shop. You could even shop thrift stores for this type of backdrop. Just make sure your shower curtain is bright and shiny clean. Next, take some craft foam and cut out some circles of different sizes. Spray paint them a coordinating color. Punch two holes in each circle, opposite each other and string clear fishing line through the holes.

These circles can be hung from the ceiling at varying heights. Place on the circles potted silk green plants you have for sale. Use as a display for seasonal holidays such as Valentine's Day, placing red, white, pink, and lavender everything on the circles. Use some of the wooden crates from display suggestion #2 above on the bottom for the lower half of the display, and use the hanging circles displaying your Valentine designs. The crates can be spray painted red, white, pink, etc. as needed. Pull it all together with the matching shower curtain for the backdrop, the coordinating crates, and the hanging circles to show off your feature items.

Look all around you. As you are driving, as you walk around, as you shop, see objects in a different fashion. An old gate can be a great backdrop for a dried floral wreath. Paint a window screen, put it on an easel and use to display earrings for a quick add on sale. Gaze all about and you will find treasures you can use to make your flower shop distinctive.

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