Saturday, March 19, 2011

You May Have to Swim the Moat to Get Your Flower Shop Opened

I heard someone say the other day, "That if you want to get to the castle, you have to swim the moat." That has stuck with me ever since I heard it, and I have been pondering the statement according to my own life.  Think about it. "You have to swim the moat to get to the castle." I can paraphrase it by saying several different things. One, get out there and fight the fight, fake it 'till you make it, etc. 

So you have decided to open your flower shop. Great!! Now you must get busy. Tasks that will come up may seem hard, but take it one activity at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself. I know you are excited and probably wish everything was all completed and it was opening day. Well, that day will come soon enough. I remember fondly of planning and starting my flower shop. It was some of the most exciting and most happy times. The possibilities were all before me.

So get out there and swim the moat and get your flower shop. Start by making some lists. Examples would be a how to get financed list and an inventory to purchase list. Make a wholesaler list and begin to contact them. Get to know your wholesalers. You may want to make a gift show list and plan to start attending the gift shows so you can see what products are hot; learn the newest trends.

If you want to get to the castle, you have to swim the moat. Begin now. Take a piece of paper. At the top of the paper draw a "castle" on it, or a flower shop or fields of flowers or anything you want to metaphorically speak for "the castle". Under it draw a fairly big circle, big enough in which to write. Embellish this basic form any way you want, or not at all. If you are a creative person you may want to decorate it or draw on it. Make 20 or so photocopies to begin. 

Each day, take one of these sheets. Ask yourself questions such as, what is it I have to do today to get my flower shop opened? What is it I have to do today that is difficult?" Is there a phone call I do not want to make, but I should get it out of the way first thing so the rest of the day is easier? Do you have a difficult meeting, maybe with a banker that you would prefer you did not have to attend? Do you have to spend money that you wish you did not to achieve your outcome and that is making you nervous? Whatever it is, write it in "the moat", the circle. Be sure to cross it off as you finish the task. 

You are swimming the moat. You are fighting the fight, step by step. You are step by step getting your dream flower shop opened. Eventually, you will achieve your goal, get your castle. Just take it day by day, step by step. As they say, inch by inch, anything is a cinch. Save these papers. It can serve as a sort of diary for you to look back upon. Be sure and date each page. It can show you how you got to where you wanted to be; designing flowers all day and making people smile for a living. And I just have to add from “Little Nemo”, just keep swimming, just keep swimming. I could not resist!!

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