Friday, September 23, 2011

Making Money From the Floral Business

Flowers have always been closely associated with our lives. We use various floral arrangements for many occasions such as weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations such as Valentines Day and Mothers day. The gift giving art of floral decorations is an age old gesture practiced all over the world. It is still a popular custom and will remain so for centuries to follow. Because flowers are a unique gift that will undoubtedly touch the heart of the receiver and make them feel special and loved.

The floral arts industry is a huge industry today. From small scale to large scale, from internet marketing to over the counter sales; the potential niche market is very high. Become a part of this popular income generating venture, start your own floral arrangement business and earn immediate profits doing what you love, making wonderful creations with these beautiful offerings of nature...

Where as a knack for the floral arts can take you places in this industry, basic skills can always be improved through experience to make your business the most unique in town. An eye for color, texture and a vivid imagination is always a plus. Master the skills of cutting and treating flowers, color coordinating them beautifully and marketing your products in the most eye catching manner, and your business is sure to succeed.

You can make various floral decors such as bouquets, centerpieces, potted flowers, corsages, garlands, boutonnieres, wreaths and posies. Different occasions call for different decorations and sometimes, different flower types. For example Valentines Day symbolizes red roses, and the variety you can create with them is endless. The trick is to make your creations unique and the most appealing to the customer. You can use various adornments such as ribbons, bows, creepers, sprigs, baskets, wrappers and various other artificial products to embellish your creations and increase the aesthetic value.

Most flowers are seasonal, so you can organize your selling themes according to their availability. But there is always more than a few varieties available at one time period, so your choice is never restricted to few. Most popular flowers used in the floral design industry that brings in high revenue are roses, tulips, lilies, orchids, daisies and gerberas. You can also sell gift baskets arrangements of fruits and chocolates along with your floral designs and expand your venture into other avenues.

The corporate world also makes a significant contribution towards income generation in this industry, with many companies ordering floral décor for special events such as meetings and conferences, as well as on a more regular basis to decorate their offices. Arrangements they require include decorations for entryways, reception areas, working desks and lounging areas. Commercial buildings, offices, shops, malls, hotels, hospitals, clubs and restaurants are a few such places that use floral décor on a daily basis.

Although most floral businesses run on a large scale, many small scale entrepreneurs run very successful ventures that are almost as popular. It doesn\'t take much initial investment to begin your own floral design business, especially since it is a business that can easily be operated from the comforts of your own home, cutting down on expenses such as office space rentals and overheads. It is so much easier to run a flower delivery service from home, with basic equipment, on your own schedule as opposed to running a floral boutique. You will be surprised to learn how easily the money will flow and be amazed at the net profits you can make within a short period.

Based on your talents, available resources and time allocations for the business, you can choose an area of specialization. A few examples are below:

o Wedding arrangements

o Family events and functions such as funerals, christenings, baby showers and birthday parties

o Commercial or business events

o Retail florist shop

o Home floral/home decoration business

Whichever field you select, what matters is that you give it your best spirits, and success is not hard to achieve. Think about it, start today and make your floral business the best small scale décor store in town.


The floral décor business is a sure way to succeed in the home business industry by converting your artistic ability with flower arrangements into a money making venture, catering for various sectors and occasions such as weddings, family events, corporate events, office/commercial décor and home décor.

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