Thursday, March 17, 2011

Garden Splendor in a Watering Can

Perfect for springtime sales in your shop or for your home! Buy several metal watering cans. They can be plain. They can be old. The watering cans can be bought from a wholesaler or a thrift store. You can decorate them any way you like or leave natural. We are going to really decorate these up!

This display is best done in a grouping in at least three watering cans. In one can use a topiary herb or ivy plant. Some other plants to use for topiary herb plants would be rosemary, thyme, lavender, or sage. If you have large potted herb plants they can be trained into topiaries. Plant the topiary into the watering can. At the base of the topiary, plant a creeping herb such as mint, oregano, or lemon verbena. Now, to add a wonderful wispy effect, bind bunches of bear grass with a wooden floral pick or a steel picking machine. Place the picked bear grass among the lower creeping herbs. You may also want to pick in spring silk flowers or fresh daisies using a water tube or two.

In one of the other plant watering cans, plant a spring blooming plant such as cineraria or gloxinia plant. A blooming plant in the can alone is nice but we can accent it further. Add tall dogwood branches or curly willow. Somewhere in the branches or among the blooming plant, nestle a little bird or two. In at least one more can, for the set of three, plant an exacum plant. This is a low compact plant with tiny purple daisy-like blooms. Exacums are especially available in the spring season. Once again, pick bear grass and tuck in the middle of the plant for a long, wispy look. You can also buy extra bunches of bear grass and hang them upside, in a dark cool place to completely dry. Once dry, use Design Master floral spray paints to spray any color needed. You can also lightly tip them off with glitter spray or go for a regal look by spraying gold. This way the bear grass will be everlasting in your designs.

The watering cans themselves can be spray painted bright spring flowers; baby pink, yellow, mint green, powder blue, or purple and lavender. They can be given an old-fashioned look by crackling them and adding floral decals. Paint some cans ivory and antique them. It is best to keep the same theme going with each grouping. These designs would make for great spring sales in a floral shop; very distinctive and fun. Give as a hospital gift, a birthday gift, or just for every day spring sales.

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