Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine’s Day in a Flower Shop

***This is the ninth article in a series of 100 articles all about floral design and running a flower shop.

Valentine’s Day is a profitable holiday for the florist industry. It is one of our main events to amass cash flow to help get us through the slower summer months. This holiday has been around for centuries, the first valentine having been sent in the 14th century. There are many myths and tales as to the origin of the holiday. We celebrate our love and affection with loved ones mainly by exchanging flowers, candy, cards, gifts and stuffed animals.

One has not seen chaos until they have experienced Valentine’s Day in a flower shop. Wow!!! Laughing all the way to the bank!! After two days of healing so you can walk!! February 14th, it is the second biggest holiday for the floral industry next to Christmas. The difference between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is a big one. Christmas is a season celebrated all month. Valentine’s Day is one day, maybe three or four depending upon what day it lies. It will fall on a different day every year. A florist would want to plan carefully for this holiday for there is a lot of money to be made as well as an opportunity to get new customers in your door and make regular patrons out of them.

Roses will be your biggest seller. Although the wholesale price of roses climbs tremendously, it is all relative. You have to pass the price increase on to your customers. That is why rose prices go up on this holiday. Your wholesaler raises his price and you must raise yours to make any money. We can pay anywhere from one to three dollars a rose wholesale price each  So you can see why and how the prices have to be raised. Those roses are costing you an arm and a leg. There are always going to be those who want roses, yet you need to have other offers as well. In addition to red roses, other colors of roses need to be available. Furthermore, you can offer short stem roses as a selection. Some relationships are not up to the “long stem red rose level” and one may be celebrating with a friend or relative. Have other choices that can provide a larger profit margin such as balloons, mixed bouquets, stuffed animals, candy, and plants or a combination. Depend on cute little bears, ribbons, and heart insertions to make the V-Day gift special. Offer delivery to the point of where you know you will get it delivered in a timely fashion. All your pre-ordered floral deliveries should take precedence.

Flower in reds, pinks, purples, and whites most easily substitute for roses. Flowers that are popular and available on Valentine’s Day include tulips, daffodils and irises, heather, and stargazer lilies, orchids and gardenias. Many people favor a mixed flower bouquet on Valentine's Day, as it looks colorful and springy. Some may need a corsage for that special Valentine’s Day dinner or dance.

A fresh mixed-flower bouquet can be made to look “heartily loving” by adding balloons, candy or a small plush animal. A florist can make a loose, mixed flower bouquet by selecting flowers that convey the emotions of your heart. Maybe have a book of flower meanings nearby. By all means do not encourage this kind of assistance on the actual holiday. This would be a good way to presale flowers. You will be too, too busy on this day!! It will be all you do to keep up with designs and deliveries that are preplaced. Wrap the flowers in some heart paper and clear cellophane and add a natural raffia ribbon and stick a heart in it. As Valentine's Day comes at the end of the winter season, one can find a large number of spring flowers in full bloom. Be sure and order lots of everything because by the end of the day your shop will be bare!

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